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Sulawesi Tourist Information

Tourism of Sulawesi

Sulawesi is the source of the eastern Indonesia natural beauty. Sulawesi’s natural and cultural treasures Sulawesi worth it as one of Indonesia’s tourism icons. The natural beauty of its maritime strung together with enchanting diversity of endemic flora and fauna as well as its rich culture and traditions so as to create harmony in this 11th largest island in the world.

Bunaken and Wakatobi Southeast Sulawesi

Bunaken National Park and Wakatobi Southeast Sulawesi

Potential biological diversity of Sulawesi has been recognized internationally. The wealth of rare animals have been raised the island as one of the world leading host for endemic fauna. Meanwhile, its maritime treasure packed so beautifully in the National Marine Park. In fact, some of its sea parks has become an icon of Indonesia marine tourism famous to foreign countries and became the best dive sites in the world.

Stones Grave Tana Toraja

Stones Grave Tana Toraja

In the middle of Sulawesi’s big cities who beautify themselves and started to move into the realm of metropolitan, cultural heritage and tradition remains embedded in the life of its people. A legacy of the megalithic civilization and still survive the pressure of modernization, bringing exoticism of Tana Toraja.

Sulawesi culinary diversity also characterizes the identity of each region. The flavor spices spices native to Indonesia that feels sticky on the tongue, the simplicity of organic processed, up to a variety of processed meat that was so extreme, creating a culinary repertoire of Sulawesi. Treat yourself to explore the beauty and enjoyment of paradise in eastern Indonesia.

Art and Culture

The civilization that gave birth to the culture and traditions of Sulawesi starting from the native tribes known as accomplished sailors such as Bugis, Bajo, Mandar and Makassar tribe. Not only the courage to wade through vast oceans, indigenous communities are also known for his skill to make a traditional sailing ship pride of Indonesia, Phinisi Ship. Ships which have been used since before the 1500’s has a big hand in the history of the triumph of shipping Indonesia.

Enjoy the uniqueness of everyday Bajo who resided in Wakatobi waters, Southeast Sulawesi. This sea tribe depends on sea produce. They spent the days on a boat or canoe that became the main means of transportation as well as a means of buying and selling. You can get memento fom the unique culture Bajo, in form of distinctive patterned Kasopa Ledja woven.

From the region of South Sulawesi, Bugis tribe are flashy with their customary colorful dress, the Baju Bodo. Formerly, the color of Bodo shirt indicates the identity of the wearer’s. The green color for the women of royalty, red for girls, and purple for women who have been widowed. Bodo clothes are always worn with boxes patterned silk fabricas underlayers. This light colored fabric layer is called Lipa’ sa’be.You can tke your picture of yourself wearng this beautiful Bodo dress to preserve your memory of Bugis cultural uniqueness.

Buffalo Horn and Tongkonan Traditional House Toraja

Buffalo Horn and Tongkonan Traditional House Toraja

To the north of Makassar, precisely in the mountains of stone, Toraja Tribe live and endure with ancestral culture and traditions. Tana Toraja is another attraction island of Sulawesi. Rows of Tongkonan (traditional house) aged tens, even hundreds of years, as if to welcome your presence. A number of buffalo horn arrayed in front of tongkonan as symbol of house owner ‘s social strata. Megalithic relics of a grave stone looks the oldest 700 years old and 2-3 meters tall menhir stones. Also visit the ancient burial sites in the caves called Londa and Lemo funeral. Lemo Cemetery is shaped holes carved in the rock cliffs.

Tomohon, North Sulawesi, is not less interesting by the presence of centers Tomohon custom home craftsmen. The traditional house that has been popular to foreign countries is made of iron or meranti wood with knock down system. Truly unique, because this house can be dismantled and transported to wherever their owners move. This house is one result of the high civilization of the people of Sulawesi.

Natural Beauty

Bunaken Marine Park

Bunaken Marine Park

Imagining the natural beauty of Sulawesi, enticing you to explore the biodiversity of Bunaken Marine Park, North Sulawesi and Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi. These are the two icons of Sulawesi marine tourism to the world. Bunaken and Wakatobi presenting the beauty of the best coral reefs complete with a variety of marine life that live in it. Both are natural habitat for Manta Ray fish, Sperm Whales, Reef Sharks, white sharks, various species of molluscs, and other varieties of colorful fish. Diving is the best way for you to enjoy the charm of this marine park. However, thanks to the clarity of the sea water, you can enjoy the sea alone.

Taka Bonerate and Bantimurung National Park

Taka Bonerate and Bantimurung National Park

Sulawesi also has the third largest coral atoll in the world contained in the National Park Taka Bonerate. This area can you make a destination for diving or snorkeling. No less tempting, endemic animals of Sulawesi island unique. Babirusa, yaki, tarsiers, and maleo is capable of Sulawesi wildlife icons match the popularity of kangaroo or a lemur from Madagascar-endemic areas are also prominent in the world.Various species endemic to this region can be found in the Lore Lindu National Park, Central Sulawesi.

While Visiting Sulawesi, you ought not to miss the romantic sunset in the tourist beach areas. There are many optional spots to enjoy the sunset, like the beach at Tanjung Karang Donggala, Cote Olele in Gorontalo, Beach Boulevard in Manado, or Losari Beach, Makassar. Make sure you enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Tondano and Lake Poso, feel the freshness of waterfall Bantimurung, and watched the swarm pretty of Bantimurung butterfly.


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