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Kalimantan Tourism

Kalimantan The Borneo Island

Kalimantan or Borneo island, famous for its great rivers, tropical rainforests, and the equator monument. This icon of Kalimantan became a magnet for those who want to enjoy the true tropical nature of Indonesia. A number of rivers with the title of “longest” and the tropical rain forest which is the third of seven major ozone fastener forest in the world is an amazing natural wealth of Kalimantan.

Investigate the famous rivers of kalimantan. From the top of a traditional boat, you’ll be presented with the charm of the rivers that become the vein of life for its people. In the rivers, it begins civilization.Floating houses or Lanting neatly lined up along the banks of the river, prepared to handle the ebb and flow of river water.

No less charming are forests, unspoiled by human hands. Explore the authenticity of the National forests which are decorated trees as high as 50 meters and reaches the age of 150 years. Various types of plants and rare animals can be found in the depths of this jungle.

Make sure you witness firsthand the Equator monument that stands firmly in the center of the city of Pontianak. Equator monument represents the pride of the community for their region as one of the places in the world passed by the Equator line. Make yourself as part of the lucky people who witnessed the incident of culmination point of the Sun.

Stop at the Thousand Islands River and you will be amazed with the amazing charm. Enjoy every inch of its beauty and feel the hospitality of the Dayak community that is always ready to welcome you warmly. Make your adventure trail in Kalimantan as unforgettable memories that always makes you compelled to return.

Arts and Culture

Kalimantan Manong and Mandau Dance

With a region dominated by the waters, especially rivers, the culture of Kaimantan societies formed in the rivers as their source of life. In this river, they live in floating houses, look for sources of livelihood, undertake sale and purchase transactions, to perform daily domesic activities, such as washing and bathing.

Description of the ‘river life’ can be enjoyed along the River Martapura, Lok Baintan, South Kalimantan. In this river, people make buying and selling as a tradition that has lasted for hundreds of years. the Floating Market Lok Baintan featuring the sellers and buyers in the Jukungs (wooden boat) or klotok (motor boat) that has been filled with various kinds of goods. As was thrown into the days past, when money does not serve its function as mean of exchange, you can watch the barter system in the floating market.

Uniques Interest Places in Kalimantan

Pampang Cultural Village, Samarinda, East Kalimantan presents the life of Dayak Kenyah tribe. Pampang communities still maintain ancestral culture, such as weaving, carving, and making crafts. Here, you can find typical Dayak longhouses called Lamin and Dayak women with their long ears. The tradition of ear lengthening is a marker of the status of nobility as well as the identity of a person’s age. The unique philosophy of Dayak tribe believes that the ear length measure the woman beauty. However, in today modern era, the philosophy of long ears is not accepted by Dayak as a merely tradition but also a source welfare for its people.

Enjoy, shopping paradise in Martapura, South Kalimantan. Make sure you get the typical Kalimantan trinkets to take home. Sasirangan batik, beaded jewelry various typical, typical Martapura diamond jewelry, and various rocks typical of Kalimantan must enter in your shopping list.

Natural Beauty

Vast expanse of water, not always be the ocean. At least, that is the natural conditions in Kalimantan. With its longest rivers, River Kapuas, Barito, and the Mahakam, which is also the main waters of Kalimantan, the heartbeat of community life takes place in those rivers. Rivers also become one of the major transportation routes with the easiest access to reach every corner of Kalimantan. You can also find native fish habitat of Red arowana Shelook in the River Kapuas. Kapuas became the best Red Shelook fish farming, beside Putusibau and Pontianak.

While down the river with klotok, you can see the green of the forests along the banks of the river. Generally, the forests of Kalimantan are the natural habitat for various wildlife and rare plants, such as the orang-utan and black orchid. Discover the exotic trees older than 150 years in Bukit Bangkirai, East Kalimantan. The trees reached an height of 40-50 meters and diameter of 2-3 meters. This is a conservation area for rare Birds of Heaven (drongos) and Hornbill (rhiconeros).

Test your courage to cross the canopy bridge as high as 30 meter and 64 meters long that connects the 5 bangkirai trees, Originally, the bridge was established to examine the birds. However, the second bridge in Asia and eighth in the world would be another attraction of the Mount Bangkirai. Spare your a time to interact with Orangutans in primate conservation of The Kalimantan Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) in Nyaru Menteng, Central Kalimantan. An interesting view include of baby orangutans care by the women of the Dayak people for 24 hours, like a human baby.

If you are a true diver, you can also channel your passion here. Derawan island in the Berau Regency, East Kalimantan, offers a beautiful sea park with a diversity of marine life. In fact, a very clear sea water makes you free to look at underwater life without diving. Just by walking 300 meters from the beach, you also can enjoy the colorful coral reefs.

Orang Utan - Barito Bridge - Enggang Bird and Derawan Island


The development of tourism in Kalimantan is suported by the friendly and warm attitude of the community in welcoming each newcomer. The arrival of the guests to the Dayak land has significant meanings and realized in the form of dance welcome. The Gong Dance perormed by Dayak Salako and dances from the girls Dayak Kayan Hulu illustrates the friendliness and sincerity in accepting guests. Local wisdom taught them to respect and tolerate diversity of cultures and beliefs. This is evident from the provision of special dishes are halal place for the newcomers during the ceremony ijambe, especially Muslim immigrants. Because, typically, these ceremonies serve pork. Local knowledge is a provision harmonious life of the Dayak and other community groups.


Travel to Kalimantan, is incomplete if you did not taste the typical culinary. You can hunt all over Kalimantan to find tounge-shaking foods. One of the unique snacks that are quite rare is Kenta. This Dayak typical food is made from sticky rice that was delicious with a mixture of grated coconut and water and a little sprinkling of sugar. Typically, these snacks can be found at local art festival performances.

Feel the sensation of Soto Banjar are eaten in the middle of the Floating Market. It gives incomparable pleasure from a bowl of soup mixed with rice or lead-wraped rice. You should taste is Singkawang Beef Rice Porridge, Pontianak Style Spicy Porridge, and bird’s nest soup. Enjoy the delights of Vegetable Umbut rattan sticks rattan intriguing tongue with a sour taste, sweetness, and bitterness.

Satisfied in enjoying Kalimantan culinary deight, you can aso bring little taste for relatives at home. Deer jerky, duck jerky, amplang, shredded fish meat, cracker base, aloe vera ‘dodol’, and bingke can be selected for your memento.

Kalimantan Local Culinary


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