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Tourism of Java

Tourism in Java Island

Among islands in Indonesian Archipelago, Java is a most dense populated island. The Island, administratively divided into 6 provinces, become a ‘heaven’ for anyone who longs for variety of life adventure

Here, you can witness variety of interesting mixture, such as glorious megapolitan cities stand beside natural beauty of rural harmony. Hustle bustle of business, trade and government activities in big cities are contrasted with serene yet interesting apertures in various corners of Java Island.

Harmoniously, sophisticated modern technology appears to be closely befriend with modest traditional culture. Within the concept of mutualistic symbiosis, these innovative and historical elements are growing together to create unique blend in the community.

The panoramic natural beauty of Java Island is able to make you wish for revisiting the island. White sands along coastal line cast a unending enchantment for you to explore. Sturdy mountain backbone gracefully overshadows the dynamic community living on its fertile feet. Flora and fauna are living in peace within natural conservations spread in several locations. All in whole harmony creating a true magnet of natural beauty.

Communities in Java Island widely tolerate for tradition and cultural growth as well as preservation practiced by its societies. Variety of ethnical culture are conserved in noble and sensible manners. Diversities are braided into philosophical beauty that perpetually endure through generations. Based on this plait, Java has been developed as a peaceful yet promising land.

The time-passing journey of people living in Java has been a carved onto various heritage for you to enjoy today. From eastern to western edge, you can observe ancient buildings which serve as historical evidence of glorious milestones of ruling kingdoms in ancient Java. These include temples which record the track of Hinduism and Buddhism development for centuries. Ancient mosques also become witness of Islamic expansion to be a religion practiced by most of Java population.

Java Island is reflection of beautiful pearl chain which consists of crystallized diversity within its elements. Just visit this dreamland to enjoy its colorful life converged in harmony.

Beautiful Java


Java Island is ‘cultivated’ various unique buildings, range from pre-historical sites to skyscrapers built in modern technology and civilization. It is easy to find those various architectural masterpieces in a moment for they are situated in an integrated regional circle and supported by convenient facilities.

In Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, you can enjoy scattering skyscrapers alternated by historical buildings. For example is ‘Monas’ or national monument as a credit to Betawi community as well Jakarta city landmark. Near the center of the city, you can visit several museums which are heritages from Dutch colonial era, such as Fatahillah Museum, Batik Museum, Wayang Museum, Elephant Museum, and others. These museums serve as reflection of a journey through the span of time from the glorious past to magnificent present.

In other region, you can discover the similar enchantments. Several historical building sites as ought to be visited in Java is ancient temples, include Borobudur temple, Prambanan Temple, Kalasan Temple, Mendut Temple and by tens other of temples. This sites has been witnessed evolving spiritual journey of Java population through ages. To note, Borobudur Temple has been promoted as one of seven wonders of the world that prevailed over centuries.

Moreover, in most of provinces in Java Island, you can locate ancient kingdom related buildings which were still functioned well, such as Kasultanan Yogyakarta Palace, Pakualaman Yogyakarta Palace, Kasunanan Solo Palace, Mangkunegaran Solo Palace, Cirebon Kingdom Palace, and others. In these palaces, mores and culture are preserved in thorough manner and become a fascinating tourism magnet.

Art and Culture

Wayang Kulit or Traditional Puppet Show


Most of sub-culture which have grown in Indonesia developed unique media for communication. Wayang or a traditional puppet show is one of them. Its development was getting into various enrichment from local as well as popular culture. Since its beginning, Wayang was utilized as communication tool among community members especially in promoting high values and traditional norm. Wayang art and culture have also grown as popular entertainment until present time.

Especially In Java, there are various type popular Wayang which include wayang kulit, wayang golek and human wayang. Several others wayang have also preserved. Stories showed through Wayang puppet show mostly adapted from classic Mahabarata and Ramayana epics. These story plots also were compromised in local sub-cultures.

Wayang show is usually held in special events and its story is chosen in accordance with purposes of the celebration. In today popular and modern media exposures, Wayang always has its own special place in Java community.

Batiks Painting in Indonesia


Batik is one of world heritage from Indonesia as recognized by international community. Java Island has undeniably become a most fertile cultivating ground for Batik culture and crafting. In northern as well as southern coasts of Java, Batik artists are in contest to present their uniqueness on design, [patterns and features. The variety also enriched by some beautiful enchanting touches from neighboring countries.

Traditional Music Instruments

Musical Instruments

Music become an essential part in the culture of Java population. Music is played not only in a celebration or special shows. even in remote corners of Java, we can hear traditional music fills the inner space of people’s daily life.

Spare your time to enjoy Angklung, a unique music from West Java. It’s beautiful sound often make you hard to believe that the melody was produced from a simple bamboo. Referring the historical record, Angklung hold important role in traditional rituals, especially in harvesting season. The sound of Angklung believed to attract Dewi Sri (Nyi Sri Pohaci) a goddess who brings fertility on farmer’s rice plantations and happiness as well as prosperity for mankind.

Move to Central Java, We can find the most popular music there, Gamelan. Javanese Gamelan is an orchestra of various instruments. The rhythm played reflects serenity and harmony in life, in tone with philosophy practiced by most of Javanese people.

Gamelan music involves greatest number of instruments. There are leather percussions include kendang and gendang, several metal percussions such as bonang, bonang penerus, kenong, kethuk, gambang, gong, gender, saron, demung, slenthem, kempul, as well as string instruments such as rebab and siter. Although it may seem so crowded, the sound produced flows so gentle and enchanting.

Worth to be noted is Keroncong music. Keroncong emerged in Java island in 16th century as influence from Portuguese. In those era, European musical instruments began to influence traditional music. Songs that traditionally had been performed with gamelan then played by guitar, violin and other western instruments. This adaptation practiced not only to instrument but also in Indonesian taste of music which mostly used to like a soft and gentle music.

Traditional Rituals

Belief and efforts to keep life in harmony with natural as well as supernatural forces expressed in many cultural activities including traditional rituals. These rituals are still can be found in communities around Java Island.

Tengger Tribe who lives on the foot of Bromo mountain is one of examples. They practices interesting annual offering ritual called Kesodo. Baduy tribe in Banten province practices very modest way of life for their strict traditional code that isolate their daily live from modern technology and civilization. In Yogyakarta, people celebrate annual rituals like Sekaten and others.

In general, many ethnical rituals and arts preserved by communities living in Java Island present colorful and fascinating cultural attractions. Many foreigners even enjoy refreshing spiritual experience when they blend with these communities in closer involvement and daily life.


You can also enjoy complete entertainment facilities for all ages. Starting form zoo to recreational parks with a mixture of games. Some cultural park, museum, national park and playing ground also accommodate educational yet entertaining purpose. All venues are equipped with complete facilities for your convenience in visiting and enjoying the attraction. Every adventure you choose will be an unforgettable experience.

The Beauty of Nature

Panorama Mount Bromo and Semeru


For adventure lovers, hiking over the mountains is a exciting experience. There are several mountains in Java island which offer enchanting view, including Bromo, Semeru and Krakatoa.

Cold yet fresh climate and beautifully radiating sunrise are special fascination of Bromo mountain, which attract hundreds of people in daily. The mountain situated near the city of Malang, East Java and reach the height of 2.932 meter above sea level. You can climb up about 250 ladder-steps to get a closer look on the Bromo volcanic crater.

In the same East Java province, lies a highest mountain in Java Island, Semeru. The mountain resides between Malang and Lumajang regency. Semeru is a volcanic mountain with the peak reaching 3.676 meter above sea level. Crater in the mountain well-known as Jongring Saloko.

Another famous volcano in Java is Krakatoa. The mountain has horrifyingly erupted in 1883. The eruption sound can be heard to Australia and Rodrigues Island. Its explosive power estimated to reach 30.000 times of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bomb explosion. Krakatoa then not only offer fascination mountain tourism. The visitor can enjoy with exciting maritime tourism activates.


Beautiful beaches are also tourism attractions in Java Island. Among of these magnets are Anyer, Karimun Jawa, and Parang Tritis Beach.

Anyer for Java is like Kuta for Bali. The beaches consists of several beach in the same coastal line, which include Pasir Putih, Cikoneng, Karang Bolong and Karang Kitri beach.

Beaches In Anyer region offer carious water sport activities such as banana boat and jet ski. Pasir Putih beach is famous for its beautiful white sands. In Cikoneng beach stand a lighthouse which has been an icon of Anyer region.

Parang Tritis beach, located 27 kilometers to south from the city of Yogyakarta, has been a famous beach in Indonesia. In the afternoon by the sunset a serene yet romantic ambience can be enjoyed here. The legend of Nyai Ratu Kidul, who was believed as supernatural ruler of south beach sea, has been an interesting part of Parang Tritis beach.

Karimun Jawa can be the next destination. This beautiful beach in Jepara city has been assigned as a national park. Its natural and serene ambience make people willing to stay longer for leisure. The white sands offer a convenient place for sunbathing. Several area are suitable for diving, surfing, fishing, and jet skiing. Observing shark captivity as well as life of Bugis and Madura fishermen community here would be interesting experience.

National Park

Located in western edge of Java island, Ujung Kulon National Park become a most visited park by tourists. Variety of exotic flora and fauna is a main attraction especially one horn rhinoceros which nearly extinct. Several other national parks in Java Island also preserve the beauty of Indonesian natural heritage. These include Thousand d Islands, Halimun Mountain, Gede Pangrango Mountain, Karimun Jawa, BromoTengger-Semeru, Meru Betiri , Baluran, las Purwo, Merapi mountain, Merbabu and Ciremai mountain.

Shopping Paradise

It is not hard to find a shopping centre in Indonesia especially in Java. Today malls are built in various places. Most of mall offer the concept as a one-stop-shopping. Needs for clothes, food, entertainment, fitness and beauty centre, to playground are catered in one roof. You can discover a shopping paradise to satisfy you various needs in convenient, complete, as well as luxurious modern shopping centers.

Shopping in Indonesia


As you can come across in various region in Indonesia, Java Island also offer exciting culinary ‘adventure’ in many places. Variety of exotic traditional spices guarantee to dance your tongue into addiction. As an fertile island known as ‘Javadwipa’ or ‘rice island’, Java has grown huge variety of food substances as well as offered magnificent culinary experiences.

Treat your tongue with Ketoprak jakarta, Asinan Bogor, Gudeg Yogya, Rujak Cingur Surabaya and other local cuisine. Do not forget to sip some traditional healthy herbal beverages such as Bandrek, Kunyit Asam, Bajigur, and Wedang Ronde. For snack lovers, Java offers specialty snacks such as Wingko Babat, Bakpia, Geplak and others.

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