Banjarmasin South Kalimantan

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Banjarmasin Tourism

Tourism of Banjarmasin South Kalimantan

The Meratus Mountains divide South Kalimantan into two distinct regions. The southern section of the province is much flatter, with large rivers snaking their way through lowlands to vast mangrove swamps along the coast, which accounts for South Kalimantan’s exceptionally fertile lands. Many villages and settlements are built along the Barito River by the indigenous majority, the Banjar. Exquisite traditional and commercial handicrafts are all made from local raw materials which include a variety of precious and semi precious stones, gold, silver, brass, iron and wide variety of woods including bamboo and rattan.

South Kalimantan is one of the largest timber and coal producers in Indonesia. Extensive forests with a wide variety of trees such as ironwood, meranti, pine and rubber have contributed to the province’s wealth. The provincial capital, Banjarmasin, lies a short distance from the delta of the Barito River. Much of the city’s business is done in the floating markets of the waterways. Local people build traditional floating houses made of wood or bamboo facing the river, called ‘lanting'.

Interest Places

South Kalimantan Interest Place

Muara Kuin

Muara Kuin on the Barito River, Banjarmasin is one of the two floating markets in this planet. There are a lot of things to see in the region, among them diamond mining and polishing villages at Cempaka. To experience Banjarmasin you must take to the river, either by ‘klotok’ (river bus), or a speedboat for longer trips. (The Floating market starts at 05 am in the morning until 07 am).


This town is home to the smithies who produce the traditional Dayak long knife, or mandau.

Kembang Island

Kembang Island is located on Barito River, not far from the floating market. On it is an old Chinese temple inhabited by tame monkeys. According to the local Chinese community, being surrounded by these monkeys signifies good luck and fortune.

Kaget Island

It takes about 1.5 hours by river bus or 1 hour by speedboat to get to this island reserve, home to wide variety of birds and the proboscis monkey.

Interest Places

South Kalimantan Interest Place

Cempaka Traditional Diamond Mining

Cempaka is a small village 5 kilometers from Martapura and 45 minutes from Banjarmasin. It is an old and traditional diamond mine which employs very simple mining equipment and methods. In 1965, a diamond ore weighing 167.7 carats was found here.


Martapura is the place where all the precious stones are polished and negotiated. If necessary polishers still use the traditional equipment. Matapura will offer you the opportunity to buy your very own diamond from couple of hundred till millions of rupiahs.

Amandit River Rafting

The river trip, either by bamboo or rubber boat, includes a number of exciting white water sections. Visitors must first travel from Loksado to Muara Hatip, and then continue to Batu Laki. The rapids have been graded ranging from 1 to 3.


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